Looking for a “Ear Nose and Throat” Doctor? Plan to wait…

Otolaryngology is the oldest doctor specialties in the US. Otolaryngologists are doctors trained in the medical & surgical management of patients with disorders of the ear, nose, throat (aka ENT), and head and neck. They are commonly referred to as E-N-T physicians by other doctors.  If you are looking for one you can find one in your area here: Find A Ear Nose and throat doctors in your area NOW

FIRST: What do ENTs treat?

ENTs diagnose and manage diseases of the ears, nose, sinuses, larynx (voice box), mouth, and throat, as well as structures of the neck and face.


Millions of people develop sinusitis each year, making it one of the most common health problems in the US. Understanding of the nasal cavity is  one of the many skills of otolaryngologists. Issues in the nasal area are allergies and nasal obstruction due to a deviated septums.


The loss of hearing affects 27 million Americans. The unique domain of ENTS is the treatment of ear disorders. ENTs are trained in the medical and treatment of hearing loss, infections, inbalance disorders and tinnitus.  Pediatric ENTs also treat ear birth disorders of the outer and inner ear.


Speech and eating use the throat.  Very specific to ENTs is expertise in managing diseases of the throat and the upper aero-digestive tract or esophagus.  These include specific swallowing disorders.  Infants and younger children can have throat issues causing problems moving to solid foods.

Second: Why is hard to see an ENT?

Frankly, there are not many ENTs in the US.  I did some research with the cms.data.gov data and came up with a table showing the #of doctors in the US, and the type.  SCROLL UNTIL YOU SEE RED!  There are ~3700 ENTs for 270 million us citizens.  This is why it takes so long to see an ENT 😦

179937 Counseling
132383 Dentistry
118978 Internal Medicine
112348 Clinical Social Work
103989 Family Medicine
98674 Physical Therapy
74010 Chiropractic
73154 Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
64876 Pediatrics
59732 Physician Assistant (PA)
57402 Speech-Language Pathology
47947 Anesthesiology
45174 Emergency Medicine
44809 Clinical Psychology
41706 Occupational Therapy
41234 Psychiatry
40554 Nursing (Registered Nurse)
39340 Optometry
37215 Nurse Anesthesiology
35062 Case Management
34966 General Surgery
27984 Social Work
27487 Radiology
27208 Obstetrics & Gynecology
26650 Cardiology
26132 Adult Health Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
22298 Psychology
22109 Dietetics
19686 Ophthalmology
19283 Substance Abuse Counseling
19087 Physical Therapy (Physical Therapy Assistant)
18533 Practical Nursing (Licensed Practical Nurse)
18467 Acupuncture
17211 Orthopaedic Surgery
16107 Neurology
14252 Gastroenterology
13770 Behavior Analysis
12693 Massage Therapy
12635 Dermatology
12551 Pathology
11631 Audiology
11603 Athletic Training
11149 Occupational Therapy (Occupational Therapy Assistant)
10902 Urology
9692 Nephrology
9318 Orthopedic Surgery
9202 Pulmonology
8988 Rehabilitation
8905 Pediatric Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
8884 Hematology
8821 Nurse Practitioner
8809 Orthodontics
8771 Diagnostic Radiology
7440 Podiatry
7061 Home Health (Aide)
6935 Otolaryngology (ENT)
6654 Developmental Therapy
6442 Neurosurgery
6328 Surgical Assistance
6261 Physician Assistant
6129 Plastic Surgery
5812 Acute Care Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
5695 Physical Medicine/Rehab
5415 Rheumatology
5317 Orthopedic Physical Therapy
5279 Advanced Practice Midwifery
5183 Geriatric Medicine
4945 Family Practice
4896 Radiation Oncology
4825 Community Health Work
4752 Pediatric Dentistry
4734 Podiatric Surgery
4726 Infectious Disease
4586 Endocrinology
4566 Dental Hygiene
4485 Pediatric Occupational Therapy
4394 Periodontics
4379 Cosmetic Dentistry
4187 Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy
3956 Oncology
3808 Critical Care Medicine


Ear Nose and Throat

3708 Endodontics
3637 Thoracic Surgery
3477 Nursing (Licensed Vocational Nurse)
3400 Neonat/Perinatology
3373 Clinical Neuropsychology
3307 Pharmacotherapy
3287 Community Health Nursing
3140 Nursing Services (Nursing Aide)
3103 Allergy & Immunology
3082 Nursing (Clinical Nurse Specialist)
2901 Midwifery
2830 Speech-Language Technology
2799 Pharmacy (Pharmacy Technician)
2711 Hearing Instruments
2590 Pharmacy Clinician Services
2579 Pediatric Physical Therapy
2567 Assisted Living (Adult Companion)
2551 Pediatric Emergency Medicine
2512 Vascular Surgery
2450 Infectious Disease Medicine
2383 Home Health Nursing
2351 Podiatric Foot Surgery
2336 Pediatric Cardiology
2239 Naturopathy
2191 Preventive Medicine
2123 Medical Surgical Nursing
2113 Adult Psychiatric Nursing
2064 Neonatal Medicine
2035 Optometry Technology
2019 Prosthodontics
2012 Hand Occupational Therapy
1955 Occupational Medicine
1954 Chiropractic Sports Medicine
1855 Genetic Counseling
1827 Neonatal Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
1789 Respiratory Therapy
1757 Pain Medicine
1727 Medical Technology
1709 Pediatric Hematology & Oncology
1705 Gerontology Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
1657 Labor Coaching (Doula)
1654 Case Management Nursing
1632 Adult Health Nursing (Clinical Nurse Specialist)
1595 Medical Oncology
1584 Sports Medicine
1564 Medicine/Pediatrics
1564 Audiology (Hearing Aid Fitting)
1518 Pediatric Endocrinology
1467 Anesthesiology (Anesthesiology Assistant)
1442 Pediatric Gastroenterology
1418 Resident Physician
1392 Neuroradiology
1346 Neonatal Critical Care Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
1336 Mechanotherapy
1289 Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)
1123 Cardiac Surgery
1053 Pediatric Pulmonology
1041 Interventional Radiology
1023 Medical Genetics
1010 Rehabilitation Counseling